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Hi, I’m ‘Lamide.

I help young entrepreneurs find and tell stories for their businesses


“If you don’t tell your stories, someone else will – and it’s not guaranteed it’d be told as great as it should.”

The single most powerful way to grow your company is to connect with your audience.

You must connect with your team, your customers, and your investors. Stories make this happen. 

Your audience will remain confused if you do not clarify your message. Though you have a great product and service, they remain unsure of how you will help them because they can see that you are struggling with your message and your brand. 

My team and I can help you eliminate noise, remain consistent, create a solid brand, and grow your business.

Get noticed.

Get heard. Get felt.

Every company has a story that connects with its audience. You can tell stories with purpose. 

Discover the best resources that will help you turn down the noise, guarantee clarity, build your brand, close multiple sales and gain lasting influence.

What I Do


Not just because I love to, but because I believe firmly that knowledge is the single most important ingredient that will guarantee growth, impact, and success. I teach storytelling, copywriting, book writing, and everything in between.


Everyone has a decent dose of greatness – but not everyone can find it. Sometimes, it is like a speck in the eye, you can’t see it, but need someone to point it out. This is exactly what I do, I help you discover the greatness stored inside you.



Whether it is an audience of ten, or a multitude – inspiring people & teams to make a change is an activity that excites me. If you’ve heard me speak, you’d know I stir my listeners to take immediate action. Perhaps I am so compelling because I am a storyteller!


Not only is ‘Lamide, a master storyteller, but he is also a warm teacher and meets you at your level. The tasks given in the program were designed to draw out the storyteller in you. Every story that was written was better than the last.


In a world where attention is the most prized asset, Lamide shows you how to command the attention of clients in a powerful way.


‘Lamide’s course has been a blessing to my business. I have since been able to use it to capture the attention of my audience. I hit 7 figures after the class - the class really helped me.

Rashidat ADEKEYE

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